Quick Hit: Complete Jon Sable, Freelance Volume 1

Written by Mike Grell
Illustrated by Mike Grell
IDW (Originally First)

This is some of Mike Grell's best work in my opinion, though I've not read as much of his other work as my old comic book dealer did. A creation of Grell's own devising, Sable is a man with a good heart who lost everything to the bad guys and turns into a freelancer--a hired gun for those who need it. He has more layers than a wedding cake and Grell takes his time peeling those layers for the reader to see.

The art is stunning and the story holds up pretty well despite some of the references to the 80s. There's a lot of action, a lot of drama, and some great comic work. There's a definite A-Team/Equalizer/Magnum PI vibe going on here, as Grell feels the need to use a strong man to right the wrongs brought on by those with power over the powerless. I am not using those shows to cheapen Grell's writing--I merely mean that the idea of power and influence which was so strongly felt in the 1980s comes out in this comic as well.

Jon Sable, Freelance is definitely recommended to anyone who likes non cape comics with heroic action in them.