I Cut My Hair #2

Written by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg
Illustrated by Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg

The second issue of Ms. Eisenberg's journal comic starts with a brief explanation of her life to get readers up to speed and features a particularly bad pun. As with the first issue, she does not share (or did not draw) daily comics, preferring only to show the reader certain days from her life. I still think this is the best approach to a journal comic, as not every day can be interesting to those who aren't your family and friends.

Two comics in this collection highlighted the set for me and probably give a pretty good insight into the type of content you can find in Ms. Eisenberg's comics. The first was a parody of Whole Foods customers that is spot on, right down to the politics of the guilty rich. The second is her memory of election day, where she sees the hope and disinterest of her students, the relief a liberal had with Obama's election, and the celebratory atmosphere after the victory.

Eisenberg's drawings are fairly basic, but get the point across well and mesh with her dialog and narration boxes very well. She isn't flashy, but the work appeals to me because she is able to be personal without being boring, a tricky path for those chronicling their adventures of the ordinary to perfect strangers. Eisenberg gives us topics we can relate to, and it makes for worthwhile reading.

Lisa Rosalie Eisenberg likes writing out her full name, so I'll do it, too. You can hopefully get her comics on her website sometime soon, and in the meantime, try to check her out at a local zinefest or comics show.