The Owl

Written by Katie Omberg
Illustrated by Katie Omberg
Self-Published (Fancy Graphics)

Again, no image for me to use here, so pardon the block of text.

The Owl is of a similar vein to How to Master a Foreign language, with the main point being to set up a joke at the end. This time, it's a stupid person berating an owl for not going out and getting worm.

Well, as we all know, owls are wise, and this time, the owl is not only that, but he's a wise-ass as well, getting in the last laugh on the idiotic person who doesn't know what an owl does with its time.

This story is not quite as funny as the other joke book from Omberg, but does show the same good sense of timing. Again, I'd like to see an extended piece from her with the same model.

I'm afraid I can't tell you how to get this one, you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled. Also, be sure not to anger an owl. I'm just saying.