How to Master a Foreign Langue in Twenty Pages!

Written by Katie Omberg
Illustrated by Katie Omberg
Self-Published (Fancy Graphics)

As I mentioned, Ms. Omberg doesn't have a web presence for her comics, so I don't have any images to use.

This mini-comic from 2006 would probably not pass muster with quite a few comics readers, as the illustration is that of a stick figure sitting beside an ever-evolving old-school boom box.

But don't let the simplistic nature of the art prevent you from enjoying a joke-book comic that reminded me fondly of the old Donald Duck cartoons where a voice would be talking to Donald about trying to be a better person--er, duck--with increasingly frustrating results that often ended in absolute destruction.

In this case, our poor protagonist gets increasingly frustrated as they try to learn Italian. Things are okay to start, but once the tape gets rolling, the trouble starts. If you've ever tried the tape method, this is quite familiarly territory, and the punchline, while predictable, still brings a smile to my face.

Omberg knows how to tell a short, funny story, and I liked her timing on this one. I would love to see her do the same style in a longer, more detailed form.

I'd love to tell you where to get her comics, but I'm afraid I can't. Just keep your eyes out!