Sunday Readings 5-24-09

A few things I read here and there that I found of interest for your extended weekend:

E.R. Serrano wants a male version of Marvel Divas (for those not in the know, it's a series with 4 female superheroes with no strong ties to each other). I don't want to pass judgment on the Divas project until we see it in full, but Serrano's idea is ROFL-worthy.

Jeffrey Brown gets philosophical about dinosaurs and our place in the world. This is part of Creative Times, who you can learn more about here.

Spent all your money on hot dogs? Then read digital comics for free! You can get all of the government comic publications here, in one handy location.

Blog of the Week: Mark Waid is often one of my favorite comic writers. In addition to still scripting stories for Marvel, Mark is also the Editor in Chief of Boom Studios. He runs a blog as part of his online presence, where you can find comments on his job as EIC, funny comic panels taken out of context, audio commentary, and tips for those looking to get into the industry. Mark is often very frank (if anyone read his recent interview awhile back about DC and "52", they know what I mean) and that means his blog is more than just a puff piece for his company. If you liked his work on JLA, FF, Superman, or any of the other things he's done, it's definitely worth checking into!

Coleen Coover wants us to know that she has a Clue.

Lastly for today, Tony Daniel plans to take us behind the scenes of Battle for the Cowl. Though I'm trade-waiting, I'm definitely looking foward to seeing what he wants to show us about the process of writing a major Batman crossover, no mean feat for anyone.