Street Angel

Written by Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca
Illustrated by Jim Rugg

[Posting this today because I recently bought a copy after reading it initially at the library.]

In city facing a daily ninja threat, there's only one place to turn--Street Angel, a skateboard riding master of fighting. Armed only with the skateboard and her wits, she fights to save the mayor's daughter, a former superhero, and others. She is a woman of the people, ready to jump in and save the life of those worshiping in a church as she is the mayor's kid. There's only one problem--she's as homeless as a stray cat.

That's an interesting quirk to give a hero, and a new one on me. We don't know how or why, but our Street Angel has no roof over her head and when not fighting crime, she's dreaming of cupcakes and scouring the remains left behind by others. When brought into the story, it makes for a great way to temper the insanity of fighting hordes of ninjas or Spaniards. (Yes, I said Spaniards.)

This is mostly a satire comic, featuring sometimes lengthy setups to get to the punchline. But the timing is good and well worth it, the art fits the grittiness of the book, and how can you go wrong with an entire chapter playfully tweaking Luke Cage? I liked this quite a bit, I think you will, too.