Fables Volume 6

Written by Bill Wilingham
Illustrated by Mark Buckingham, Steve Leialoha, David Hahn, Lan Medina and Dan Green

This was where i was briefly getting the single issues, but there was some stuff here that was new to me so I just decided this was as good as any a place to go ahead and start reading the trades again. [I think Fables and Ultimate FF where were I decided once and for all I was going to collect primarily in trades. I have not regretted this decision one bit. But that's a story for another day.]

As most of you know by now Jack gets his own spin-off series (that has frankly lasted a lot longer than I expected) and this is where we lean how it happens. The bigger story, however, is finally learning the identity of the Adversary, and no, it's not Jack. Though that would have been pretty cool, come to think of it.

Instead, it's Boy Blue who pulls a Jack and tricks his way into leaving Fabletown to find his love, Red Riding Hood. In the process, he does many cool magical tricks, only to be foiled by...aww, that would be telling. Let's just say the clues have always been there if you knew how to look. Don't feel bad if you swing and miss, because I certainly did.

Boy Blue is amazing in action and the creepy spy-antics of the Fables in general isis just great, along with of course getting to see more Fables introduced. There's still an air of mystery to the whole thing, as though Willingham has a grand plan that only he--and probably Matt Sturges know the entire truth about. Plus, our major villain is no straw man--or even a wooden one. He's as complex as everyone else around this book.

Fables is an amazing story that just keeps getting better the further I go along. If you've never picked this one up, it's never too late to try.