SPX Spotlight 2018/Rose City Roll Call: Kory Bing Brings Pins, Prints, and Comics

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Slightly Blurry Kory Bing from Rose City 2017
Have I ever talked on Panel Patter about my childhood obsession with dinosaurs? Well, like most kids, I was suuuurrreee I was going to be a paleontologist. Over time, when I came to realize my mind was more suited to the arts than the sciences, that vocation waned. But I never lost the thrill of seeing new dinosaur bones for the first time or spending ages in the La Brea Tar Pits museum.

I bring this up because Kory Bing is one of the best at drawing prehistoric figures and putting them into prints, short zines, pins, an other cool stuff. She's also great at working with cryptids, movie creatures, and her own monsters, which crop up all over Kory's long-running comic, Skin Deep.

For those unaware, Skin Deep is a webcomic with print editions (the latest one is Kickstarting now). Kory's one-sentence description is "mythical creatures living hidden from humanity in Liverpool, England." In other words, really cool stuff. The most recent volume has stories that include revenge plots, dealing with transformations, and digging deeper into the secrets of Skin Deep. You can also check out the webcomic here.

Here's a few examples of Kory's work to give you an idea of her range:

One of Kory's new zines

Kory's poster showing her sills at extinct animals

A triple pin for all your evolution needs
As you can see, Kory is extremely versatile with her craftsmanship, meaning that she has something for anyone in your life (okay, admit it, it's you) who likes prehistoric creatures and fantastic beasts. Whether it's a pictorial zine, a pin for your jacket, or a poster to add to the wall, anyone who loves creatures needs to stop by and see Kory at either Rose City in Portland or the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Maryland.