Graphic Nonfiction: Birdie Sanders and a Brief History of the Finch

In case you missed it, on Friday the 25th, Senator Bernie Sanders was giving a speech, and a bird landed on his podium. Since Senator Sanders is quite popular among the meme-set, it became quite the thing.

Here's a still of the actual event:

And here are a few of the illustrations:

Art by Skyler Brown
Art by Matt Mitchell
Art by Rachel J Corey

And finally, here's a brief history of the House Finch, from Your Wild City, a webcomic by Rosemary Mosco and Maris Wicks that talks about the creatures you encounter in everyday life in urban areas. It's really cool, and you should check it out. It's a great mix of facts and humor--and is a good callback to the science-based comics that used to be in Sunday newspapers.

When I was a kid, I was really into bird-watching (still am), and I am proud to say I knew it was a finch on first sighting of the image. We once had nearly three dozen of them at my parents' oversized flat feeder at one time, between the feeder and the ground.

Lastly, Panel Patter doesn't endorse presidential candidates (though we might have gone for Captain America, way back when) but we will use any excuse possible to show this:

Princess Sanders by Kipp Creations