Please Welcome Newest Panel Patter-er, Lilith Wood!

Continuing the great community of writers we have on Panel Patter, I'm extremely pleased to introduce our newest contributor Lilith Wood!

Lilith and I met when both of us were working on the Newsarama Best Shots Team (where I also met our regular contributor Scott Cederlund) and both Lilith and I owe a ton to David Pepose for honing our skills as reviewers. We've both since moved on from the 'Rama team to pursue other projects, but those lessons live on in the way we approach our posts, either here on this site or elsewhere.

I quickly became friends with Lilith, first from having a shared interest in certain comics and later because we found a lot of commonalities in other areas, including a supreme difficulty in picking a place to eat dinner. I'm also very fortunate to see her at shows, since she lives up in Portland's bigger sister, Seattle. She's got keen insights, and it's no surprise to me that she is already fielding comics-writing offers from multiple places.

Fortunately for us, one of those places is here at Panel Patter, where she plans to probably do most of her work in the short-review area, both in terms of Quick Hits and another take on some of the weekly books via Single Minded, which James and I do fairly regularly.

Here's what Lilith has to say for herself:

Lilith Wood is a Seattle writer who works in the financial industry by day. Art history was her favorite class in college, and she got back into comics (as an adult) by writing about them. Her writing on comics has also appeared at Paste, Stackedd, Newsarama, and at her own website. Follow her on twitter @lilwould. 
Please give Lilith a warm welcome, and look for her first post coming up shortly!