Halloween Horror 2014

IDW's Horror Reprint Series
One of many great horror books right now
It's October first, and you all know what that means!

No, it's not just the time when maybe they stop sending you all those fundraising e-mails from political campaigns. And it's not when former baseball managers come to your door, begging for work.

Heck, it's not even when they put out the Christmas Trees. (That is of course, September 1st.)


And Panel Patter, as has been a tradition for most of the blog's existence, looks to horror as its main theme for the month.

Now unlike other sites, we don't just pull out the scary books for 31 days and forget them. We review plenty of horror comics all across the year, because horror and comics go together so very well able to show (or sometimes better yet NOT show) things that will terrify you. Able to do everything from the goriest of blood spatters and severed heads to making a character think they're insane (or are they?), comics takes the best parts of prose horror and the best parts of TV/movie horror, and blends them together in a unique fashion that can accommodate everything from the youth-geared Upside Down: A Vampire Tale to the extremely adult Walking Dead.

As in past years this won't be a daily feature, but a focus. We'll still be reviewing other books as well and providing general content, but every chance we get this month, we'll be looking for ways to scare the virtual pants off you by previewing and selecting horror stories for your reading pleasure.

You can find all of the Halloween Horror we've covered in the past as well as this year by following that link--IF YOU DARE!