Lapham's Murder Me Dead Gets Image Re-Issue

Image Comics announced in a press release that they were bringing David Lapham's "Murder Me Dead" back into print with a re-issue of the noir graphic novel scheduled for July 16th release (July 29th if you're the bookstore type).

From the release, the full text of which can be found here:
Hanging from the ceiling fan in her lavish Hollywood home. That’s where Steven Russell finds his estranged wife, Eve Kroft—rich, beautiful, and desperately sad—a tear-stained note in her pocket pouring out years of pain and regret. Is it suicide? The police think so. But his wife’s rich and powerful family is convinced otherwise, and they’ll do everything in their power to make him pay in MURDER ME DEAD, the classic noir graphic novel by David Lapham (STRAY BULLETS), back in print from Image Comics this July. 
Murder Me Dead is my modern-day love letter to the great noir films of the 1930s, '40s, and '50s,” said Lapham. “It’s every bit as emotionally twisted as Stray Bullets, but in the guise of a traditional femme fatale noir." 
Hailed as a masterful contemporary take on classic noir, MURDER ME DEAD takes its antihero down an ever-darkening road of obsession, sex, betrayal, murder, and dashed hopes. Peeling back the carefully constructed facades of each character, Lapham exposes the true nature of their humanity and propels you toward a final, horrifying revelation.
While I am new to Lapham (yes, yes, I know, what took me so long), my reading of Stray Bullets and the new Killers series tells me that he's the perfect writer/artist to pull off a tale like this. He has an unflinching ability to create characters who are extremely unpleasant, yet compelling to read about. (A good TV comparison would be The Shield, if I may be forgiven for crossing media types.) His art is stark and yet detailed at the same time, and as you'll see from the preview pages, he makes the world look and feel like the time period the story is designed to evoke.

This looks to be a highlight of my July reading. If you like crime comics as much as I do, then make sure you get this one on your pull lists.

Preview art provided by Image is shared below: