Dynamite's 10th Anniversary Humble Bundle is Full of Great Comics

To celebrate its 10th Anniversary, Dynamite Entertainment has teamed up with the folks at Humble Bundle for a massive digital comics collection.

From the press release:

To celebrate their first decade of comic book publishing, Dynamite Entertainment launches its first ever Humble Bundle promotion which will allow fans to purchase over 100 digital comics books and graphic novels (the largest Humble Bumble comics collection in history) at a cost of each person's choosing, granting existing and new fans significant purchasing power.  In keeping with the tradition of promotions hosted and arranged by Humble Bundle, Dynamite will contribute a portion of the proceeds to three important charitable organizations, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
As with other bundles, this one works on a tiered system. At the basic level, which is name your own price, the set includes several parodies, such as "The Mocking Dead," "My Little Phony," and "Vampirella vs. Fluffy." It also has the first seven issues of Project Superpowers, along with more Vampirella comics, a Sherlock Holmes mini-series, and licensed work based on Amanda Hawking's stories.

If you go up to $11.35, you can get the jewl of this crown, the first arc of Gail Simone and Walter Geovani's Red Sonja series. That's a must-read comic if you are a sword and sorcery fan, and is arguably Gail's best book right now, illustrated by a criminally underrated artist. This level also has more Vampirella, Kevin Smith's Green Hornet reboot, and adaptations of Dreden and George RR Martin.

At the top level, for $15, you can pick up a Wheel of Time adaptation and The Dynamite Art of Alex Ross.

If you'd like a sampling of what Dynamite offers, this is a great chance to do so. But make a decision quickly, because the bundle ends July 9th at 1:59PM Eastern.

You can check out the Dynamite Humble Bundle here.