Top Shelf Includes Three Books in Latest Humble Bundle

In a press release sent out today, indie comics publisher Top Shelf announced they were participating in the Humble eBook Bundle IV, featuring two of their comics in DRM-free PDF form at the basic level and a third if purchasers set their price above the average.

While I do not follow every single bundle, I do know that Image Comics was a part of a recent bundle as well, also offering DRM-free PDFs as part of the package.

The books from Top Shelf in this bundle at the basic level are Wizzywig, from Hip-Hop Family Tree creator Ed Piskor and March Volume 1, the first part of the multiple award-winning graphic novel series co-written by Congressman John Lewis.

From the press release:

Those three titles alone are worth a cover price of $70, but the eBook Bundle also features work by many other authors, including George R. R. Martin, Neil Gaiman, Terry Goodkind, and Yahtzee Croshaw. What's more, this project serves as a fund-raiser for both Doctors Without Borders and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. Upon purchasing the bundle and choosing how much to pay, customers can select how they’d like the funds to be split among the books’ creators, the two charities, and a “tip” for the Humble Bundle team.
While I have not yet had the pleasure of reading Wizzywig, I loved Piskor's non-fiction account of the early days of hip-hop. His illustrative skills are top notch, and I remember Wizzywig getting quite a few positive marks when it came out. March, of course, was one of my top books of 2013 (along with just about anyone else who made a list).

Getting those two for as little as a dollar would be a steal but the bundle also comes with an anthology edited by George RR Martin,* Sword and Sorcery.

If you pay more than the average ($8.91 as of this writing), you also get From Hell, Alan Moore and Eddie Campbell's take on the Jack the Ripper mystery, published by Top Shelf. While their theory has fallen out of favor, Campbell's linework on From Hell is amazing, perfectly capturing the look and feel of late-Victorian London and Moore is his usual excellent self in the plot and script.

Additional books in the pay more tier are Wizard's First Rule from Terry Goodkind, The Alchemist from Paolo Bacigalupi, and The Executioness by Tobias S. Buckell.

If you have just one more dollar in your pocket, you can get two additional books, Jam by Yahtzee Croshaw and a collection edited by Neil Gaiman, Lovecraft's Monsters.

Humble Bundles are great ways to get a nice selection of books and help a cause. If you've not grabbed the Top Shelf titles in question and are also a reader of genre fiction, this is a good deal to get in on, but be sure to do it soon, because it expires June 11th.

You can grab that Hunble Bundle here.

*I hear he's had some success with this series of novels, Game of Thrones. Maybe you've heard of it?