More Retrofit News: 2014 Lineup Announced

I wouldn't normally talk about the same publisher--even a small press one--twice in the same week, but it's hard not to get excited by the news that Box Brown has released the 2014 Retrofit schedule. 

Fresh off the announcement that Retrofit was going digital in addition to print, Brown posted to the Retrofit site today the list of creators for 2014. After publishing only 7 books in 2013, Retrofit is back to a 12 book schedule, including two from Brown himself and a work presented in translation.

The full lineup is as follows, taken from Brown's post:

Sam Alden
Madeleine Flores
Zac Gorman
Josh Bayer
Antoine Cosse
Ben Constantine
Anne Emond
Niv Bavarsky
Jack Teagle
Akino Kondoh (translated by Ryan Holmberg)
And 2 comics by Box Brown

You can find links to each artist's page at the news link. I took the time to see what they had to offer before posting this news, and I came away extremely impressed. I'm already a fan of Brown and Bayer, and I fully expect to have new artists to put on my must-buy list after these issues come out, if the artistic design and innovations I saw are any indication. I've talked repeatedly about Box's high quality taste in selecting creators for Retrofit and this set looks to be no exception.

The subscription tiers are also very clever. $80 gets you all 12 issues in both print and digital. Want digital only? $45 will get the job done. Half subscriptions are also available.

I'm so happy that Retrofit, now partnered with Big Planet Comics, is continuing on into its fourth year. We need quality mini-comics publishers, and Box Brown's Retrofit continues to be the gold standard.