Welcome to the Newest Panel Patter-er, Scott Cederlund

We have another new addition, as the Panel Patter team grows to be able to cover more comics.

Please welcome my friend a Newsarama colleague, Scott Cederlund, who will be providing reviews as time allows, covering the same kinds of comics and minis that you've come to expect from this site.

Scott has been blogging about comics for about as long as I have, at a variety of sites. I actually was reading Newsarama reviews because of Scott's opinions, back before I joined the team myself in April 2012. We bonded quickly and team leader David still isn't 100% sure we aren't the same person. (This is not going to do anything to change that, I'm sure.) Frequently, Scott and I will compete for reviewing the same comics there.

What I appreciate most about Scott's reviews are how thoughtful they are, as you'll soon see if you aren't familiar with his work. He'll break down a comic or trade, looking at its core elements (such as when he noted the intricate coloring homage to the 1970s in Hip Hop Family Tree) but you never feel like he's trying to show off his knowledge of comics. Scott's not out to prove his critical chops--he does it naturally and without the pretentiousness that sometimes mars the work of comics critics.

For those who don't know Scott, here's a brief bio:
A recovering English literature major, Scott has spent the past 10 years writing about comic. He's written for Popdose.com, Newsarama.com and SoundonSight.org, trying to figure out this game we call comic books.  Truthfully, he just doesn't know what to do with his time other than writing about comics.  It's a sickness.
His old blog is at www.wednesdayshaul.com but he currently blogs and tumbles (is that a verb yet?) at Ilostitatthecomicshop.tumblr.com.
Scott's a very busy man, but we're lucky enough to have him around on Panel Patter. Please give him a warm welcome and hopes for a long run here at the blog!