The Righteous Worshipful Order of Baast Book 1

Written and Illustrated by Sara Lindo

While working on some longer projects, Panel Patter favorite Sara Lindo put together this short mini-comic featuring work from her art show, turning cats she knows into royalty with clever card-themed pictures and text that forms a loose story when read together.

It was a bit disappointing not to have a full-fledged mini from Lindo this year, because I love her style and sense of story. However, given that I don't do a lot with prints, it was nice to have a way to collect the art together in this full-color, glossy mini that shows them off in a high-quality presentation.

Lindo begins with Ike (last seen working on Wall Street) as the King, fictionalizing his life story to make it fit with the royalty theme. Meanwhile, Rosie the Queen has references to Ike and her own owners.

The theme continues this way with Duncan (Sara and Steve's other cat) learning at the feet of Ike, complete with his position as the one-eyed Jack, because of his own disability. Chuck's wandering nature as an outdoor cat features on his card, and two other cats whose story implies they're farm cats.

Each illustration has symbols, like you see above, that make the card deck theme complete. Lindo shows her ability to include small details that take an illustration from being cute ("Hey look! A cat on a card!") to the next level, where craft and care are shown.

I know she's already busy enough, but it might be fun if she took this all the way and made an entire deck that folks could buy at shows, with each face card featuring a different cat and maybe one illustration per number for the numbers. Regardless, this was a fun snack while waiting for the main dish of another Lindo project.

You can find out more about Sara Lindo at her website, including a link to her store.