Panel Patter Welcomes New Patter-er: Whit Taylor!

I am very pleased to announce that mini-comics creator (and 2013 Ignatz Nominee) Whit Taylor is joining the Panel Patter team as a columnist and reviewer.

From the first time I read one of Whit's comics (Watermelon, in 2011), I admired her ability to use the medium to speak honestly about her life, like the best autobiographical cartoonists are able to do.

As the years have gone on, Whit's craft has improved and that was recognized by the Small Press Expo in giving her an Ignatz nomination. She's moved into telling longer stories (the history of her High School years, Madtown High) while still having fun with send-ups like Stethoscope Microphone. Using a loose, sketchy style that's continually refined from comic to comic, Whit has earned her place as an SPX regular.

I couldn't be happier to have her on board doing blogging for Panel Patter, and I hope that you will all give her a warm welcome when her first post hits a little later today.

Here's Whit's bio, for those unfamiliar with her:
Whit Taylor is a Boston-based Ignatz-nominated cartoonist and indie comics critic. When she's not working in health education during the day, she enjoys making, reading, and writing about mini comics. Her work can be found on her Tumblr (
 Welcome to the team, Whit!