Top Shelf Offers a Digital Sale Through 11/17

One of my favorite publishers, Top Shelf, announced today they are holding a huge digital sale on over sixty of their titles, ranging from the critically acclaimed March Volume 1 to several things by Alan Moore to their usual line of eccentric properties.

Highlighting the sale is the digital debut of Pinocchio Vampire Slayer (my review here), which was published in print form by SLG a few years ago. The last book in that series was also digitized by SLG, and it's interesting to see this one land at Top Shelf.

The sales run across all of the digital platforms on which the comics are available from Top Shelf. This varies by title--some are carried nearly everywhere, while others are only on a few of the services. Naturally, you can get just about all of them at the best (in my opinion) service for digital, Comixology. Other options include Kindle, Kobo, iBooks, and Google, depending on the title.

I do not use anything but Comixology and Comics Plus for reading digital these days, but I can tell you from poking around a few sample titles, only Comixology and iBooks are currently showing the sale prices, so be careful, depending on where you shop. Edited to add: Amazon also moving to the correct prices, per Top Shelf. [NOTE: This information current as of 8:30pm EST 11/13.]

You can find the complete list here, and generally speaking, you rarely go wrong with a Top Shelf book. You can look through my Top Shelf tag for recommendations.  I will recommend a few here, though, in case you don't have time to do a lot of browsing.

  • March is going to be the next great graphic novel, discussed with the likes of Maus and Fun Home. It's the story of Civil Rights in the 1960s drawn amazingly well by Nate Powell. Grab this you haven't yet.
  • We Can Fix It by Jess Fink is a great memoir told in a really charming manner with a lesson about beating yourself up over the past. She's definitely a rising star in comics.
  • Monster on the Hill from Rob Harrell is a great all-ages book with its tongue firmly in cheek and lavish illustrations.
  • Scene But Not Heard by Sam Henderson is a classic, Spy vs Spy like series, but geared towards (hip) kids, from the days of Nickelodeon Magazine.
  • If you want more Nate Powell after enjoying his work on March, Swallow Me Hole and Any Empire are both on sale as well.
  • See early Matt Kindt work as the superstar writer/artist works on Super Spy.
  • There's also a ton of Jeffrey Brown autobiographical books, along with his Transformers homage/parody, Incredible Change Bots
  • The King from Rich Koslowksi is one of my favorite Top Shelf books, and it's here too.

That's just a few of the offerings for you. Definitely check this out. For $20, you can get a ton of great books from one of the best publishers out there.