Monkeybrain on the Brain: Bandette!

When Monkeybrain debuted in July 2012, I took a little time to feature a review on each of the debut titles, which I called "Monkeybrain on the Brain." Now it's home to Eisner winners and creators ranging from Kurt Busiek to Jen and I figured that now would be as good a time as any to revisit the line.

Over the course of November, I'll be featuring different Monkeybrain titles, both new and old. You can find them under the Monkeybrain tag, which includes links back to the ones I did initially.

They say you never forget your first love, and for me and the Monkeybrain line, that's Bandette. I fell in love with this one from the second I saw the promo images and haven't looked back.

It just so happens that you non-digital folks can get a hardcover edition of the book now, and I took that opportunity to sing the praises of this series over at my Newsarama gig this past Monday.

So...wanna know why I think Bandette is about as close to a perfect comic as you can get? Travel over to Newsarama and find out! They saved Bandette for last, so you'll need to scroll down. :)

PS: Our newest 'Rama reviewer, Justin, also sings the praises of Steve Lieber and Superior Foes of Spider-Man, so don't miss his keen commentary!