Indie Comics Community Comes Together for Typhoon Relief

Rina Ayuyang is coordinating an effort among the indie comics community to aid in the relief effort for the victims of the recent typhoon in the Philippines. In a blog post on her website, the comics creator explained the situation briefly and the desire to help.

To aid the victims, she's created a series of auctions on eBay, with books, art, and other items donated by some wonderful people in the indie comics field, many of whom are Panel Patter favorites new and old. They include art pages from Kevin Huizenga, book collections from Grimalkin, Sparkplug, Koyama, and Hic & Hoc, and the first two issues of Zack Soto's Studygroup Magazine.

It's a great effort by a bunch of stand-up people, and I encourage you to check it out and get some great comics in exchange for your donation. It's always cool when you can do something good and be able to own a nice piece of art or a cool graphic novel as a reward.

The auctions end Monday, November 25th, so if you want to help, act fast.