Super Lobotomy

Written by Sara Lindo
Illustrated by Sara Lindo

The pair of brains are back, and this time the rear lobe has a purpose and a plan--to become a superhero!  The trouble is that good intentions and a cape aren't enough, as we soon find out in another endearing adventure from Sara Lindo.

Lobotomy was the first-ever story I read from Sara and I was excited to see what would happen when we returned to the characters.  The results don't disappoint.  Though the format is much larger (this is a full-age comic instead of the half-sized mini that preceded it), all of the elements that made the first comic so much fun are back.

Though Sara cheats here and there, none of the characters speak, letting the actions and Looney Tunes-like thought balloons carry the action.  Thus, we get hysterical visuals, such as the frontal lobe picturing his partner as a super-cleaner, even as he ends up tracking dirt all over the coffee table.  In another case, the rear lobe is distracted from helping by the smell of hot dogs.

The story itself is a classic case of causing intentional havoc, as the super brain, after an initial success, moves on to bigger and better things, all of which end up going wrong.  When he tries to right the injustice of illegal parking (and who doesn't hate those who flaunt the rules?), it looks like his crime-fighting career may come to a quick end, only to find redemption by refusing to stop believing in himself and his dream.  It's a great message, done without preaching and fully embedded into the overall, lighthearted story.

Sara's illustrations are as strong as ever.  Her work is incredibly detailed, especially in the way of backgrounds.  Every window is shown distinctly, complete with sills.  Shadows are in the right places, and every character's outfits are neat and individualized.  As in the world of Carl, her lovesick traffic cone, multiple animals and inanimate objects populate the narrative, making it an odd combination of humanoids and creatures that somehow all come together perfectly.

Super Lobotomy is another great mini-comic (maxi-comic?) from Sara and was one of my favorites in 2012.  I can't wait to see what she draws next!  You can visit her website at The or catch her at an East Coast comics show sometime in 2013.