Cool People to See at Heroes in 2012

Continuing my look at Heroes, which is coming up this weekend from June 22-24th, here are some people that are listed as being at the show (sometimes these things change) and are worth talking to and giving some of your cash.

Please note that I'm not including folks who may be at the show primarily as guests.  So while I always recommend seeking out your favorite creators (it would be nice to shake Mike Mignola's hand, for instance), I'm not listing creators such as him in this run-down.  These are the more under-the-radar types who are for me what makes a show like Heroes sing.  You can find the complete small press list here, along with the Indie Island list (an invite-only section for indie creators) and the whole guest list, if you need it!

See you at Heroes, and make sure you tell these folks I sent you!  (Some of them owe me money.*)

Someone finally beat Chris to the top of my list! Action Age, which features Chris Sims and a host of comics-loving characters, will be there to talk Dracula the Unconquered and their various webcomics.

Not one, but two people sneak past Chris.  Is it time for a name change? Action Lab has a booth at Heroes, where I'm sure they'd be happy to talk to you about the Eisner-nominated Princeless comic, as well as their other titles, such as Double Jumpers.  They're really good people putting out great comics, which you should see for yourself.

Despite not being first, AdHouse Books will be at the top of my to-see list, so I can finally get Tom Scioli's American Barbarian.  This small, eclectic, and excellent press has everything from experimental works to slick sketchbooks.Stop by and see what you can find!

Stephanie Buscema, daughter of Big John, has amazing illustration talent and a style all her own.  I dunno if she has any books out, but if you like prints, hers are amazing, bright, and perfect for your collection.

Panel Patter favorite Jeffrey Brown will have his new book, Darth Vader and Son, I'm sure, continuing his autobiographical collection.  If your hockey team choked out the playoffs, too, I'm sure he'll be happy to commiserate.

I admit I get Scott C. and J. Chris Campbell mixed up sometimes, but both are cool mini-comics creators whose work frequently finds its way into anthologies of all kinds.  Both will be at the show and are worth your time.

I'm really looking forward to meeting Brian Clevenger and Scott Wegener, the brains behind the awesome Atomic Robo, which you need to start reading yesterday if you haven't already.  They're also good Twitter conversationalists.  If you are new to their comics, stop by and get some.  You won't regret it.

Don't let Evan Dorkin watch you get a sketch from anyone he's friends with.  You'll never get the sketch finished.  Trust me on this one.  Dorkin does everything from Milk and Cheese to Beasts of Burden, but he's also a wise-ass.  Bring your funny bone.  You've been warned.

Rachel Deering, as part of Geektress, will be hanging out with some books and ready to talk about just about anything, if the twitters are any indication.  It's also a chance to get a copy of Womanthology, if you still need one.

Gray Gunter is one strange, strange man and it shows in his mini-comics.  One of my hidden gems that I found last year at Heroes, I love his irreverent take on life.

Dustin Harbin is one of the deep thinkers of mini-comics.  His linework is amazing and I love his small collections.  He's also one of the few people I've actually bought a print from.  Check out the high quality work of his at the show.

From the Muppet Show to Snarked!, Roger Langridge is the master of the all-ages comic, and his adult work is a close second.  He's one of my favorite creators, and anyone who loves joy in comics needs to read something by him.  Langridge is also one of the creators who has a no DC/Marvel pledge, so if you feel strongly about that, show your support.

Relatively new dad Mike Maihack is the creator behind the awesome Cleopatra in Spaaaace!, which recently restarted and is as good as ever.  He'll have the mini-comic versions available, and I can speak from the experience of a close friend that his commission work is amazing.  Either way, you're bound to get a great drawing.

Horror fans need to speak with Steve Niles, an indie creator advocate and all around nice guy.  His new comic, Frankenstein Alive, Alive! is a great addition to the horror canon.

Anyone willing to put me on the back of their book gets a mention anytime we'll be at the same show.  Rafer Roberts, the brains behind Plastic Farm and frequent anthology collaborator, will be making the long trek down from Maryland to Charlotte.  (Maybe I should have planned to hide in his trunk...)  He's got a lot of different things going on, all of them very cool.

Jim Rugg is a talent artist who can do many different kinds of work, from the homage Afrodesiac to the teen-appropriate Plain Janes.  Not sure what he's up to right now, but see what you can find when you go.  He's probably got something that fits your interests, given his versatility.

Speaking of Tom Scioli, he'll be at Heroes, too, right near AdHouse.  If you are at all a fan of those who work in the Kirby genre, Tom is arguably the best of the bunch.  His work looks so much like the King and he often uses concepts that echo Kirby's ideas.  It's a sight to see and something no old-school Marvel fan should miss.

There are so many good things put out by Top Shelf Comics, it would be impossible to list them all!  They publish everyone from Craig Thompson to Jeff Lemire's indie work to James Kochalka.  With an eye towards experimental works that some indie publishers have lost over time, Top Shelf is always looking to provide quality indie work to the world.  When you stop by the table, bring your wallet.  You'll need it!

Ben Towle has a lot of interests that expand beyond comics, making him a great person to hang out with online.  He also helps with the various Alphabet sketch blogs that I've enjoyed so much lately.  He's done some great comics that may or may not be handy over the weekend or you can ask for a commission.

Probably not the best year to talk sports with Rob Ullman, Virginia's biggest Pittsburgh sports fan.  But that's no reason not to get his split mini about hockey with Jeffrey Brown or, if you are so inclined, get one of his books of drawings of pretty ladies whose anatomy is never in question.

Dave Wachter, fresh off the excellent Night of 1000 Wolves, will be at Heroes.  Dunno if he'll have the comic, but I do know he'll be putting out some of the best prints you'll find at Heroes, and taking commissions.  If nothing else, pick up his nifty Monsters sketchbook. It's awesome.

Last but not least, Joey Weiser, the man behind Monster Isle and Mermin, will be at the show with Mermin Theatre minis and other works.  Joey does a great job working within an all-ages format, and is one of my long-time favorites.

Stop back tomorrow, when I ask a few of the creators who will be at Heroes about the show!

* Not really.