Back in Action Shortly

Hi All,

So unfortunately, I kinda got hit with the busy stick the past few weeks, which dovetailed nicely with also getting my second round of bronchitis in less than six months.

As a result, I haven't had a lot of time to post things, especially since a lot of what I had to do involved tight deadlines, including keeping up as best I could with my Newsarama duties.

Things are finally slowing down, so I anticipate getting back to regular posting here too, including a return to Gen Manga Mondays, my weekly Boom Previews, and a special I wanted to do for the Viz Signature Manga Movable Feast that just wasn't practical at the time.

Looking forward to talking comics again, so be well and be ready!  I should be able to post here and there starting this week and getting fully up to speed by June. See you then!