Digging into Digital: Sales from Dark Horse and Comixology

It's St. Patrick's Day Weekend, and what could be more Irish than talking about digital comic books?

A lot of things, really, but that's never stopped me before.

It's been awhile since I talked about weekend sales from the digital publishers, but the ones from Comixology and Dark Horse this weekend really caught my eye and I wanted to make sure people were aware of them.  They're both full of interesting comics and I'd hate for anyone to miss the opportunity to buy good comics cheaply.

My friend Brigid often notes that if you only want to buy digital comics on sale, there are plenty of opportunities to do so.  This weekend could be used as example a in this argument.

We'll start off with Dark Horse, since it's a smaller sale.  Last year, Dark Horse restarted their acclaimed Dark Horse Comics Presents title, which had lived for a bit on My Space, back when that was a thing.  I'd been meaning to catch up on this book, because I am a huge fan of anthologies and the creator listings was a murder's row of talent.  Well, I am kinda glad I waited, because this weekend, the first nine issues are only $2.99 each, instead of the usual $3.99, including the latest issue which is still at the insane retailer price of $7.99 normally.  While these issue can be missing a story or two, it's a great value and I can't wait to read them.  If you are at least somewhat curious, now is a great time to get caught up.

Comixology has sales going on almost constantly, such as when they took a huge chunk of my cash by offering every single IDW Dr. Who comic available digitally for only 99 cents each.  This weekend has an inspired theme sale, with Green Lantern and Green Arrow comics available for 99 cents.  There are some good comics in this one, including Hal Jordan's early adventures, as drawn by Gil Kane, the first few stories of the underrated Kyle Raynor, and Kevin Smith's Green Arrow, which was quite good and very much unlike the comics from Smith that came later, at least in my opinion.  You can also find a good chunk of Geoff Johns' Lantern, which is good if you like non-complicated superhero stories where the primary character can do almost no wrong.

In another corner of Comixology's digital world, in celebration of the end of Walking Dead Season 2, a ton of Robert Kirkman comics are on sale.  You can get Walking Dead digital trades and the first dozen or so singles, if you prefer.  I have these in trade, but if I didn't, I'd be buying all of them.  The same goes for Invincible, the book that I feel put Kirkman on the map that's sort of taken a back seat to his zombie opus.  Have kids?  Try Super Dinosaur instead.  It's a dinosaur with a gun fighting other, evil dinosaurs.  How can you go wrong with that?

Whatever you decide to get is likely to be a good set of issues to enjoy over a tasty green beverage.  Enjoy your weekend and join us next time for more comics, both digital and otherwise!