Single Minded: Boom! Studios Titles for 1-11-12

Welcome to another edition of Single Minded!  Let's see what Boom! Studios titles are out there for the week of 1-11-12 that I thought were worth talking about...

Snarked! #4.  Written and Illustrated by Roger Langridge.  The unlikely fellowship has a boat and a plan, but can they escape the guard and the evil Sam the Eagle Gryphon?  Langridge once again continues his amazing run on this series that embodies the spirit of his Muppet Show work, but gives him complete creative control and freedom.  I think the most impressive part of the proceedings here is Langridge's ability to make this totally family-friendly, while also including elements that are clearly aimed squarely at the parents (and adult fans).  It's times like this where Langridge shines, particularly in the allusions relating to a large stash of female clothing.  I have to admit, I was a bit surprised to see the use of alcohol in a kid's comic, but it works perfectly.  The art is as good as ever, and while we're finishing up the first story arc here, there's plenty more action to come, and I can't wait.

Operation Broken Wings, 1936, #3.  Written by Herik Hanna.  Illustrated by Trevor Hairsine.  Our story of deceit within the early days of the Nazi regime comes to a conclusion as the major reveals what he's been up to all this time and we have an ending that shows money truly is the root of all evil.  While I found the ending of this story a bit abrupt, I do appreciate that Hanna wraps up the story with an ending that was probably inevitable, and reminds me a bit of the days when anti-heroes weren't allowed to get home to kiss the girl.  There is a good set-up to the finish, and Hairsine should be given a medal for his restraint in illustrating the scenes of torture.  I knew exactly what was happening without blood and gore all over the place.  This story was ultimately about corruption within corruption, and I think it held together rather well.  As I mentioned previously, it should appeal to war comic fans, which is not me, though I can appreciate the craft involved.

That's it for this weeks Boom! titles.  Thanks again to Boom! for giving me a chance to preview these comics.  If you are interested in having your comic reviewed by me, please contact me at