Sunday Readings 12-11-11

Good Morning,

Start off your Sunday right with some links of interest and cool art...

First off, Brigid Alverson gives a good roundup of various goings on in the digital comics world.  There's coverage of the Dark Horse day and date controversy, Viz's commitment to digital, and more.  Definitely worth reading.

In more digital news, Johanna questions if the market is getting saturated with digital apps and ponders why a reader should use publisher-specific apps from Comixology when they can just use the main app instead.  To date, I have yet to hear a convincing answer to the second question.  Personally, unless you are *not* on Comixology or Graphicly, I see no reason why I should use your own app right now.  It's not like they're giving you exclusives to do so.  As to her first thought, I don't think the market is saturated so much as it's exploding, with not as much care taken to have a strong digital strategy in some cases.  We shall see.

Image has big, big plans for 2012.  Read a bit about them here, from publisher Eric Stephenson.

Never anger a turtle with your life in its hands.

Dr. Who pin-up in perfect time for the holidays?  Sure!

And people wonder why I don't read X-Men comics.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!