Sunday Readings 12-04-11

Good Morning,

As the whole world it seems starts to shop for the many December holidays, why not take a minute for some Sunday Readings?

First up, Alex Hoffman of Manga Widget offers his opinions on the idea of using the sometimes controversial Kickstarter for manga niche projects, finding himself firmly in favor of the idea.  I don't see the harm in Kickstarter that others do, because all the participants know going in how much is going to be lost to taxes and overhead.  I do find it a bit odd that a publisher would use it, however.  I fund and support projects on there as they interest me, and I'm pretty sure I've done a few that would never have seen the light of day otherwise.

Speaking of things not seeing the light of day (or perhaps, more appropriately, the light at the end of the tunnel), Tom Bondurant of Robot Six discusses the nature of series cancellations in both the DC and Marvel Universes.    Personally, I think there are too many varying factors to ever know for sure if a series is going to get cancelled. The only thing to be done is to buy it if you like it (which I hate saying because it feels like extortion) and hope others do too.  With money, contracts, editorial pet projects, and other factors all included, trying to determine if a series is going to get the axe is about as easy as calculating quarterback ratings.

Johanna reports that Archaia is giving a free *hardcover* for Free Comic Book Day.  That's just nuts.  You're a smaller draw than DC and Marvel, you don't have an obsessive geek in like Star Wars, and comic book retailers have limited resources.  I have a feeling getting that "issue" is going to be a big problem.  Way to out think yourselves on this one, guys.

Speaking of marketing, Rusty Shakles updated his website.  It looks pretty cool!

Gabe Ostley makes a monster out of Batman.

Erica Henderson gives the Blue and Gold some love.  Literally.

Given I'm getting into my finals, I wholeheartedly endorse this comic by Liz Prince.

My friend Rafer Roberts plays with his...watercolors.

Finally, thanks to Robot Six for finding this awesome way to wrap up the Thanksgiving season, with the annual JSA Thanksgiving clean-up courtesy of Kerry Callen.

Have a great Sunday!