Sunday Readings 11-27-11

Good Morning!  I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Here are some Sunday Readings for your almost back to work reading pleasure...

First off, my friend Darryl has a few things to say in his continuing look at why comics are stuck in a rut.  I still think that his argument has a major flaw, as it looks to newspaper/magazine comics as an entry point, which I think is just plain wrong.  That time was great, but its time has past.  The web and a larger, diffused audience reading what makes them happy is the future.  Still, it's an interesting approach that I think is pretty unique.

Diesel Sweeties has the right idea...donuts!

Caleb of Every Day is Like Wednesday shares the Thanksgiving craft activities of the Marvel Universe.

A lot of my Twitter pals were either huge fans or made appearances during the DC Fifty-Too and Marvel What-If editions of this blog.  I'm excited to see that it's joining Covered and Repaneled as a new, permanent blog!

Speaking of Repaneled, here's a great re-imagining of a scene as drawn by Jack Kirby by Jeff Potter and Wheeler Hall.

I just don't get the appeal of these heroic MMOs.  Neither, apparently, does Wonderella.

Newsarama has a nice interview with Nate Cosby about the Jim Henson Storyteller comic, coming soon.  I really hope this one hits digital.

J.M. DeMatteis is one of my favorite writers.  Here's one person's appreciation of his long and prolific career and Dematteis' own take.

I think these scientists belong in Deep 13.

This is why *I* never get to run a restaurant.

Here's an awesome Usagi Yojimo by Ron Salas.

Ben Towle's not only a cool guy and a great conversationalist, he also points out great articles.  Here's a Comics Journal piece on Steve Ditko's indie work.  I should hopefully have some comments of my own soon, having finished one of his self-published collections.  The short version is when his politics aren't overbearing, indie Ditko can be some of his best work.

Another one of my friends, Katie Omberg, draws Batman!  (kinda)

Tradd Moore kills this Fin Fang Foom.

Graeme McMillan tries to establish the credentials of Dynamite as a comics publisher.  For some reason, I just can't get into them, even after this plea.  I think some of the problem is it seems like they're always working with someone else's ideas, even if the creators involved are cool.  I'm just not all that interested in new Lone Ranger comics as I am in, say , Pale Horse from Boom! where a new character fights to stop John Wilkes Booth and the types of injustice the Ranger never seemed to find.

Finally, here's a reminder to always make sure your imaginary friends are cooler than you are.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!