Digging into Digital: Graphicly's Customer Service

I'd like to step away from talking about digital comics themselves to talking about one of the providers of digital content, Graphicly.  I recently had an experience with them that I think others should know about, and when you have a comics blog--heck, any kind of a blog--you get to decide what you want to say.  I wanted to say this:

A few weeks ago, Graphicly offered a comic on special.  I tried to pick up the comic, but unfortunately, there was a coding error on the website, and the special was not effective.  I mentioned it on Twitter, just as an FYI, and basically forgot all about it.  Went to bed, slept fine, and got up to start my day.

I was greeted by a few direct messages from Graphicly, who offered to help because they felt that the error was on their end.

I was stunned.  There was no need to do this.  I had gone to bed after my tweet, and it was not like I had paid for anything.  This was just a content provider trying to do the right thing.

After working with them a bit, Graphicly not only helped me get the comic, but were nice enough to provide a few other things as well.  Again, this is far above and beyond what they needed to do for me.

Shortly after this, I started having trouble with one of their apps.  I e-mailed them, and had almost immediate assistance.  This is similar to my experience with Comixology, another major provider of digital comics.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with Graphicly's customer service.  I'd like to see them work a bit more on developing their application, mostly on the speed, stability, and search functions, but they definitely are trying to do the right thing for their customers.  In a world where customer service often is lacking, Graphicly really stepped up and helped out.  That means a lot to me as a customer, and makes me inclined to use their service more often in the future.

I still believe Comixology is the front-runner in the digital comics platform universe, but after my experience with Graphicly, I'm feeling a lot better about purchasing comics through both companies, not just one.  Given that Graphicly does a lot more to promote independent comics, a genre I enjoy quite a bit, this makes me quite pleased.  If you are a person who wants to look for digital comics that are more than just Marvel-DC-Image, then definitely see what you can find on Graphicly.  I can't guarantee you'll find the comics you want, but I do know that if you run into trouble, there are people ready and willing to help you out.

Thanks again, Graphicly!