Sunday Readings 10-16-2011

Good Morning!

While others are at the New York Comi-Con, I'm here with some links of interest for your Sunday reading pleasure...

First off, the fine people at Comic Book Resources are doing a great job of covering the convention.  They're my primary source of information this year.  Definitely check them out.  Here is a discussion of the publisher Dark Horse's panel.  That company is now twenty-five years old, and still combining their older ideas (DHP, Hellboy) with newer plans, such as the collaboration with musician Tom Morello.

In other NYCC news, here's a piece that Newsarama reprinted about the ongoing debate of print comics versus digital comics, as though the two are diametrically opposed to one another.  They're not.  There's a place for print and a place for digital.  The sooner publishers realize this, the better.  I think fans already have.  What we lose in single issue paper comics, we gain in nice omnibi or delux packages.  I really wish the debate was not framed like it was rock 'em sock 'em robots.

There was quite a bit of digital news at the show, including the fact that Viz is taking Shonen Jump digital.  Lori Henderson shares her thoughts on that idea, along with some other manga-related items.  While I have no interest personally in Shonen Jump, I think this is a sign that digital is beginning to hit a tipping point.  Whether or not it's a toppling point is still up for debate.  I definitely agree with her that Viz should use this digital opportunity to try out some riskier titles.  (And one more aside--I think it's funny that Yen, who decried license rescues awhile back, just did a license rescue.  Never say never!)

In non-Con digital news, Brigid Alverson follows a story about an (admittedly self-selected) survey that might lead to clues about people's digital buying habits.  Do you think this data is generally true?

Graeme McMillan has a few thoughts on the nature of digital storytelling, based on thoughts expressed by Warren Ellis.

JManga seems to be working hard to get better, which I think is great news.  Here's Deb Aoki's look at some of the changes, and then her recommendations for further improvements.

If you think the best things in life are free, then good news!  There will be a second FCBD in 2012, this time on Halloween, which falls on a Wednesday that year.  I'm a little dubious of this one.  Kids want candy, not comic shops, on trick or treat night.  Or maybe they don't anymore?  Is this a generational thing?

Faith Erin Hicks found this awesome video of manga-ka Kaoru Mori sketching.  Wow!

Alison Bechdel has an update on what she's working on, including that book that's due out soon.

Anna reviews the excellent Wandering Son Vol 1.  I wasn't able to get my thoughts together on that book just yet.  I definitely recommend it, though.

Finally, former Marvel Editor in Chief Jim Shooter takes a long, critical look at the DCnU in this four-part series.  Even if you don't like Shooter, this is well worth reading for his insight as a former EiC examining how this reboot looks to a new reader, both good and bad.  Plus, it has a few great snark lines.  Here's part one, part two, part three, and part four.

Have a great Sunday!