10 Days of Halloween Horror Day Two: Sunday Readings Edition

 Welcome to day two of the 10 Days of Halloween Horror 2011!  We'll be featuring horror-related reviews right up until the big day!  You can find the Halloween Horror posts for Panel Patter here, and don't forget to check out the Book Stew for book-book horror, too!

Let's see what kind of spooky things we can find for you on this scary second day of my days of Halloween Horror!

First up is a reminder that the Manga Movable Feast will feast on YOU if you don't read the scary comics we're coming up with this season!  You can find all you need to know at Lori Henderson's Manga Xanadu!

Need some help finding a scary title or two for your digital manga collection? JManga can help!

Beware the Abominable Dr. Phibes!

Adam Koford clues you in to all sorts of ghosts.

The folks at Monster Isle prepare for the big day.

Finally, Stephanie Buscema draws a nifty witch to kick off the Halloween season.

Have some cool comic links for Halloween?  Send them my way so I can include them in next week's Sunday Readings!