Sunday Readings 9-04-11

Good Morning!

Looks like a much better Sunday than last week.  Let's see what kind of links this Sunday brings us to, shall we?

Hmm, I don't quite think this was the look fans had in mind when they pictured DC's new Batman.

If DC can try to be more realistic, so can Hobotopia!

My local indie book store has a strong hand in comics, which is awesome.  (They are also hosting the SPX pre-show, if you live near Baltimore.)  This is a followup to a talk they held at the store, listing "quality" graphic novels.  I put the term quality in quotes, because I think it's extremely subjective.  Still, the list is comprehensive (even if it includes several books I would never recommend in a million years) and includes some choices you don't usually see, such as the Tick and Jeffrey Brown.  Overall, though, I think the author has included far too many books with unpleasant protagonists.  What do you think?

Here's Ryan Stegman doing an excellent Blacksad sketch.

Greg Pak is one of my favorite Hulk writers.  Here's Pak's take on one of my other favorite Hulk writers, Bill Mantlo. "When it comes to my Hulk run, Mantlo’s deep understanding of the fundamental tragedy of the Hulk and his supporting cast laid the foundations for much of what I explored."  That is completely spot-on.
Mantlo, for those who don't know, lives on as a tragic shell of his former self due to an accident.  I remember the first time I hear about that--I cried.

This is a little old, but in case you missed it:  Ryan North reads Dinosaur Comics out loud!

Liz Prince exposes the truth about cats.

Ben Towle explains his process when creating a page of his comic, Oyster War.  It's always fascinating to me to see how different artists put together their work.

Finally, a classic from Bully showing his comedy chops.  This one will have you on your knees!

What are you reading this Sunday?