Year of Takahashi to Resume August 16th!

I'm quite pleased to announce that after a break to try and get what I needed to finish up Ranma before moving onward, the Year of Takahashi will resume starting next week!

Look for the series to continue through the end of the year, in its regular Tuesday slot, hopefully with no further interruptions. We'll finish out Ranma and spend a bit of time with the Mermaid Saga, a bit of Maison Ikkoku, the newest volumes of Rin-Ne, and end with Inu-Yasha. I might even try to slide some others in, now that ILLs are free again (my tax dollars at work!).

To make up some lost ground, some weeks we'll add a bonus Year of Takahashi on Thursday as well, based on my time and reading.

Thanks for your patience and I hope you'll join me again starting next week as I look at one of my favorite manga creators. Hopefully, she's one of yours, too!