Sunday Readings 8-28-11

I'm putting this Sunday Readings together in advance of Hurricane Irene hitting in this part of the Eastern United States, just in case I'm out of touch. I hope all of my friends are safe and able to relax (or at least bunker down) and enjoy some Sunday Readings...

Brigid Alverson has news and notes from the manga world in her MTV roundup. In a double-dose of Alverson, she's also got a great listing of teen books of all kinds for the School Library Journal. Going for the triple threat, this is Brigid's MTV roundup from last week, just in case you missed it, where she talks more about JManga and other digital manga sites.

Rusty Shackles runs the fun Palette Swap blog, which re-does old video game covers. Here's a personal favorite game, Puzzle Bobble, getting the treatment. James Miller provides the art on that one.

As we lurch towards DC's new era (which is not the first time DC might have ended up rebooting everything, based on Jim Shooter's story about Marvel's solicited attempt to take over their comics in 1984), a very clever blog has asked a wide variety of creators to contribute ideas for rebooted DC series. DC Fifty-Too is the clever name, and this one by Mike Maihack is far and away my favorite so far. I'd totally read that book, as long as it didn't mean getting rid of Cleo!

Graeme McMillan discussed the idea of creator books possibly turning into work for hire. The article doesn't really come to any conclusions, but I think it's worth talking about the idea. I guess my argument would be: Haven't we already seen this on a good chunk of Image books already? Not to mention The Tick, TMNT, etc?

Going in the other direction, it looks like Dynamite is the retirement home for old pulp heroes turned into comics. Great idea, but the track record for sales is terrible. Does anyone know if these stories are any good? Wouldn't mind giving them a try, as if I need more to read!

Normally, I'm linking to Chris Sims on Comics Alliance, but here's a great article by John Parker discussing how Peter David turned a stale hero popular again and built his own reputation in the process.

Here's the Sims link, as he and a passel of pals diss on the new DC logos. They have some kind words, too, but overall, it's a lot of jokes about free clip art.

I mentioned that Scott Morse and Skottie Young were working on a new project, which gets further teased here.

Jack Kirby's birthday was yesterday, here's a Big Barda to celebrate it! Drawn by Mike Henderson.

Finally, Wonderella gives good advice to all young people. Just don't tell her that I said so, ok?

That's all for today. Hope you have a safe Sunday, and we'll see you in the panels!