Sunday Readings 11-21-10

Here's a few links for your Sunday morning reading pleasure...

It's that time of year again! Watch as the manga-blogging universe gets together (as we periodically do) and provide some gift suggestions for the comics-reading person in your life. Perhaps it might even be you, if your family is into handing out gift cards like they were Pokemon. Daniella is the host this year. You can see the master link here. Daniella promises to update until December 15th, so if you want to make a list and have us check it twice, be sure to get it to her soon!

Jack Kirby may have had the gift of foresight. Check out these anti-matter atoms, which Rick Veitch correctly points out bear a striking resemblance to Kirby Krackle.

Staying on our theme of the future, Comic Twart has some re-imaginings of Futurama. My favorite is the one that turns them into a pulp novel cover.

The future (via the fact that time marches on) can bedevil comic book writers dealing with death. My favorite stuffed bull shows that not even tombstones stay the same in the comic book world, especially if they are anywhere near the X-Men.

Lastly, Paul Pope draws a cat ala Philip K. Dick. Really, do I need to say more than that?

Happy Sunday!