Webcomic I Like: AmazingSuperPowers

Despite spending a lot of time on the internet (though a bit less these days), I never really had a strong attraction to webcomics. This year, I've made a point of changing that, and have found so many comics that are great fun to read. This is another entry in my series of reviews, in no particular order, of webcomics I like.

With a name like AmazingSuperPowers, you'd think this comic might either be an ongoing strip about a hero or making fun of the heroic genre. That's not actually the case, but don't be disappointed. AmazingSuperPowers is a gag strip with wicked sense of humor that tends to find he worst in people or situations and show them to their audience.

Updated twice a week on Monday and Thursday by Matt and Tony (the only names they give out), each comic usually one-shots its way from a reasonable start to a horrible finish. Take this one, which starts on a serious note and ends with a comment that probably is truer than we'd care to admit. You might think of fireworks quite differently after this comic.

There are a few that deal with powers, of course, such as the problems X-Ray glasses might cause or even a James Bond riff on a multi-comic day.

The comic below is a good representation of AmazingSuperPowers:

Personally, I find that joke funny, because it's lampooning the sentimental folks who think anone else care about their relationship. Your mileage may vary, but be aware that this kind of joke is primarily what AmazingSuperPowers does.

In a world where things are often taken too seriously, AmazingSuperPowers certainly keeps a jaded eye out there to find the worst in all of us, from cops to best friends. I always look forward to this one every week, but then again, I'm the guy who rooted against E.T. when I was four.

AmazingSuperPowers lets me indulge in a little laughter at being a terrible person, which I think we all need. If you think you need it, too, give this one a try. Just remember: It's okay to read this stuff, but don't act on it. After all, you don't want to end up like these guys.