Philly Zinefest 2010

Erica and I took an almost unplanned visit to the Phily Zinefest today, taking advantage of our new proximity to run up and run back. We'd had a very good time last year, so it was nice to make a return visit.
This was the view from our table. Erica's Black Light Diner distro was representing the mini-comic scene, and was one of the man distros at the fest. Some of the others were Click Clack Distro, twelveohtwo, Things You Say, and Parcell Press. It seemed like there were more distros than last year, but I wasn't keeping strict track.

This was taken towards the end of the day, but as you can see, there was still a lot going on. The fest was pretty busy all afternoon, and the traffic was a mix of college kids, fellow zinesters, and some random folks who just came by because it was a chance to find out what a zine was. It looked like folks were buying things, too, or trading them or what have you, which is always a good thing.

For our part, we picked up mostly new issues of the zines we already knew, as well as a few new personal zines and mini-comics to try. I didn't realize just how many we'd gotten until it was time to pack them up.

All too soon, it was time to get a cheesesteak and head for home. The drive is a lot easier now that we're on the east coast, but it's still never fun. If there's a zinefest going on anywhere near you, be sure to stop by. You're sure to find some great zines and comics to try. I know we always do. Next stop? Richmond, on the 16th, for the Richmond Zine Fest. See some of you soon!