Monster Party Fun Time!

Part of the 10 Days of Halloween Horror! You can see the rest here and here.

Written by Zan Czyzewski
Illustrated by Zan Czyzewski

Wrapping up the multiple horror-themed mini-comics I profiled here for Halloween 2010 is this little collection of things by Zan Czyzewski. A big fan of H.P. Lovecraft, Czyzewski's main story features a bored girl who decides to dabble in the occult, with comic results. Soon she's dealing with an elder god that's more of a bore than a terror, as it proceeds to wreck the house Cat-in-the-Hat style. She can unsummon the creature, but who's going to clean up the mess? The whole thing is done in only a few pages, but it's a funny story that doesn't take the source material too seriously.

The rest of the mini features some diary comics and a one-page description of an idea trying to fight against the power of a video game--and losing.

All of the stories and strips feature rounded artwork that would work perfectly in a children's book and nothing in the comic is inappropriate for a younger audience. Overall, it's a cute mini that shows off Czyzewski's art talents in a variety of formats. You can see more about Ms. Czyzewski at her website.