Fashion Parade!

Part of the 10 Days of Halloween Horror! You can see the rest here and here.

Written by Anne Thalheimer
Illustrated by Anne Thalheimer

I love Halloween, which I guess is no surprise given that I am doing a whole theme week of Halloween posts. One of my favorite parts of Halloween is dressing up, and not just in something you can get from a costume store, either.

That's why this mini-comic was so much fun for me, as Anne draws some of the costumes she's worn or seen in the past. There's some fairly standard, like Pipi Longstocking, a ghost, and an elf, but when you see not one but two Courtney Love costumes, you know you're involved with a person who takes costuming seriously. Heck, there's even a Sandman/Lucifer reference in here, which I greatly appreciated.

Anne is best known as the writer of the long-running zine Booty, and those familiar with her sketchings in those works will instantly recognize her style here. She'll never win a great artist award, but I found each of these costumes easy to figure out. Combined with witty editorial commentary, there's plenty in here for any fan of October 31st to enjoy.

I don't know if this one is still available anymore or not. If you happen to see it somewhere, be sure to grab a copy. You might even get an inspiration for a costume or two!