The Worst Kind of People Issues 1 and 2

Written by James Cuartero
Illustrated by James Cuartero

Sometimes you read comics to learn about different cultures or time periods. Sometimes you read comics to be entertained by fantasy. There are times when you read comics to share painful moments with a stranger willing to reveal themselves to an anonymous reader.

And then there are times when you read comics to feel superior as a human being.

That's the best reason--though certainly not the only one--to read The Worst Kind of People, a set of mini-comics that feature some truly awful people getting into some terrible situations.

There's the teacher who sells her students' art as vintage work on E-bay for instance, or the man who quite literally is messing around with his video game system. Or Emo kid who won't change, regardless of his age. Some folks are cruel, like the man who commits his wife for a bad dinner and others are just plain stupid--see the situation depicted in larger detail from the cover image.

Cuartero manages to capture truly awful people quite nicely, which either means he's very observant or a total jerk in real life. Since he was nice enough when I was buying the comics, I'm going to guess the former.

His comics all feature things we can relate to, taken to the extreme. Fake Facebook status updates lead to a work fight while another person refuses to be supportive of another's plans. A grown man wants toys from Santa, while another uses his aged mother to get a better parking spot.

These are the kinds of folks who exist in real life, though probably not quite so violently as depicted here. There are cheaters and jerks and creeps strewn across both volumes, drawn just well enough for us to get the point of the extremely short, one page stories.

If you want to get a cheap laugh at others' expense, pick up a copy of The Worse Kind of People. It will make you feel better, even though that makes you little better than those in the comic. It's that little part that makes all the difference.

You can find The Worst Kind of People at SPX.