Poopsheet Foundation is Back

After a brief hiatus to upgrade the site, Rick Bradford's Poopsheet Foundation is back in operation.

The new site features a slicker interface, with many of the old features, such as the ability to upload photos and be friends with different users on the site, still intact. An old-school forum takes the place of the former blog, from what I can see, but this allows for more topics of discussion and allows the reviews to be situated in their own forum for easy reference and commentary.

Poopsheet's focus is on mini-comics, and often features reviews on works that you would not be able to preview elsewhere. Some are fairly well-known, such as Moore's Dodgem Logic, while others probably can only be found in small pockets of the country.

There are also forums for zines, conventions, artwork and more. If you want to buy some mini-comics, Mr. Bradford does this as well and you can find his store in the shopping section.

Though I am a generalist by nature, it's nice to see a site like Poopsheet that gives mini-comics their day in the sun. If you are interested in reading more about the format, definitely have a look-see and maybe even register for the forums to make a comment or two.

[Disclosure: I am an occasional reviewer for Poopsheet.]