Some Thoughts on the 2010 Eisner Nominations

The 2010 Eisner Award Nominations came out today, and I figured I would add my thoughts on them. Now I don't read as many new comics as a lot of others, so I'm not going to pretend to be knowledgeable about potential omissions and complain that Book X or Artist Y was snubbed.

Instead, this is looking at from the perspective of what I do know, and how I feel based on that.

Let's begin, shall we?

Best Short Story: "Urgent Request" was definitely the best story in Eternal Smile. I wasn't overly fond of that book, but I can see how that one would get nominated. It's the only one I know from the list.

Best Continuing Series: I love Fables and Walking Dead, but since I have zombie fatigue something awful, I'm hoping Fables pulls this one out. I really want to read Unwritten and Irredeemable as well as 20th Century Boys. So in this case, I think all the choices are good ones, and I'll be curious to see how it plays out. Will getting a TV deal help Kirkman take the nod?

I have a feeling it's going to be a runaway win for Dark Horse's Beasts of Burden in the Best Publications for Teens category. Personally, I thought I Kill Giants was just a bit too confusing to make an award list, but I know it was well received.

Best Humor Publication: Damn it, Scott Pilgrim's going to take over the absolutely amazing Muppet Show comic from BOOM! I like Scott Pilgrim, too, but it's not as good as Langridge's work. Muppet Show captured the feel of the original in a way not even Henson in his later years could do. Unfortunately, between the movie, the close of the series, and the fact that it's on everyone's list of great comics, I think Bryan Lee O'Malley's going to get this one.

I am not currently reading any of the digital comics that were nominated. That makes me feel rather shallow and unread.

Best Graphic Album - New? What the hell kind of title for an award is that? Anyway, I loved A Distant Neighborhood, but I have a feeling it's too subtle to beat out Darwyn Cooke's Parker book. A pity, I'd love to see A Distant Neighborhood win.

I'll be really interested to see who wins the archival collection awards. That's a big thing these days, and as a person who loves reading old comics, I'm all for it. I hope it's something really obscure, to encourage more publishers to take chances.

Best US Edition of International Material - Asia: Who the hell comes up with these names? At any rate, I have a feeling Pluto is going to take this one. I've not read all of the nominees, sadly. I'll be rooting for A Distant Neighborhood, but it's going to be a tough fight, as all of the manga/manhwa on the list were pretty well regarded, as I recall.

Best Writer: James Robinson for Cry for Justice? You've got to be shitting me. That comic was so bad all around. If there are people out there who think that's good writing, while not nominating a single manga/manhwa writer, they are full of it. I realize I'm not all that into superheroes anymore, but come on! I'm betting this goes to Geoff Johns, but I'd love to see Brubaker get it. If Robinson wins, then it's clear the judges weren't actually reading anything but Starman reprints. [Edited to add: Why Robinson and not Greg Pak/Fred Van Lente? Their omissions makes *me* want to Cry for Justice!]

Ooh--how many people are they going to upset by putting The Book of Genesis in the Best Writer-Artist Fiction section, when there's also one for non-fiction? I did not care much for the Johnny Cash biography, but it's nice to see something different make the awards liek that.

Might as well just give John H. Williams III the Best Penciller/Inker or Best Penciller/Inker Team award. Save everyone the hassle. No offense to anyone else, but his art is amazing.

Again, no offense to anyone else, but go Comics Alliance for the journalism nod! I'd love to see their irreverent take on comics get an Eisner.

Reviewing these awards really shows me how out of touch I feel with most comics these days. I tend to either not read some of the hottest stuff (I perused Blackest Night and had no interest at all) or read it far too late to matter. Still, it's fun to see what the "experts" think. Good luck to everyone nominated, and may my favorites win!!