Have a Top Ten Saturday!

Since I will be away Saturday, I figured it would be a good time to have a theme day!

Tune in to Panel Patter all day Saturday as I post my reviews of the various Alan Moore-written books in the Top Ten Series.

I'll take on the two main books first, then give my thoughts on the two spinoffs. Join in as I note that Alan Moore may be a hell of a creator, but his obsession with putting sex in his books just gets annoying.

If you've not read these books before, I hope you'll give them a try after tomorrow. If you've read them, maybe my comments will spark a discussion, starting with how wrong I am to get tired of Moore's mores.

Despite a few reservations, they're still great books that make me wish DC hadn't chased Moore away from them over the movies.

See you on the other side of Saturday!