Cantarella Volume 3

Written by You Higuri
Illustrated by You Higuri
Go! Comi

[Posted as context, since I'm picking this series back up.]

War hits Italy as France's King Charles VIII moves in on the turf of the Pope, with the Pope's chief rival at his side. Meanwhile, Cesare gets deeper into his family, as his desire to manipulate his father and also save his sister and mother lead him into chains. Can Chiaro free him in time, and what will the demons inside Cesare do if his own flesh and blood are endangered?

Though there's a lot going on, I was not as impressed by this volume, as it felt more like a place holder for bigger things in the next volume. I also got a bit confused, as a few characters we hadn't seen for awhile popped back up without enough reminders as to their importance.

However, the art is as good as ever, the plot thickens apace, and we're racing towards a climax with how Cesare controls himself or loses his humanity. I'm sure when we're going to get the final answer on that, but I have a feeling it might be soon.

I can't say enough about impressed I am by the research Higuri puts in to make this fictional story feel real. Definitely one of the better series I've read, and I want to read more.