Webcomic I Like: Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life

I'm on a quest of my own to read more webcomics, using 2010 to explore what's out there online. In no particular order, and on no particular schedule, I'm going to feature one here.

Tonight's entry is Edmund Finney's Quest to Find the Meaning of Life by Dan Long, a rather lengthy title that's frequently shortened to EQ Comics. Unlike a lot of the webcomics I read, this one has an ongoing story. However, it's loose enough that there's no need to go back and read from the very beginning. That's one of the things I look for in a webcomic, as I just don't have the patience to go back and root through the entire archives.

Finney is trying to do exactly what the comic name implies, find the meaning of life by wandering about the world. In the process, Finney ends up on various mini-adventures that make up the ongoing storyline.

Those adventures are both humorous and bizarre. For instance, the most recent comics have featured Finney following along with a famous snowman hunter after a rogue Frosty with anger management issues. That's a good place to start, which you can do so here.

Before that, Finney spent some time with an awkward man, checked out a corridor of unique performers (one of my favorite series so far), and my first series in, where Finney tries to survive a monster party.

The situations themselves are worth reading, but Long's ear for witty banter along with solid cartoon artwork puts this a notch above and makes it a favorite of mine that I look forward to reading twice a week. His bad puns are everywhere--wait till you meet the organ grinder--and the jokes are exactly the kind that cause you to slap your forehead--or the person who told them.

Luckily for Long, he's too far away to get the playful slaps I'd probably deliver if I was reading this in person. Instead, he's busy using alt-text to good effect, adding outside commentary that wouldn't make sense on-panel.

EQComics is a combination long-story and short-form webcomic that uses the advantages of both to mark a high point of my day every week. Check it out, you'll be glad you did!