Webcomic I Like: Bug

I'm slowly growing the number of webcomics I read every day. There's a ton of fun comics that are just an RSS subscription away. Every once in awhile, in no particular order and on no particular schedule, I'll feature them here at Panel Patter.

Today's entry is Bug, a 4-panel webcomic that updates five days a week. Most of the comics are self-contained jokes that are right up my alley. (You may have noticed that my favorite webcomics so far are all of a humorous nature. They do tend to be most of what I'm reading so far.) Others extend a bit longer, such as theme weeks.

Bug's characters are all pretty similarly drawn by creator Adam Huber. They look rather like a penguin but with a bug's antenna and stick feet. It's extremely simple art but it works because the gags are more in what the various bugs are saying and doing.

Here's a sampling of some of the gags, as a bug finds something to protest, skewers people who have to own monster trucks, deals with a rotten doctor, tips for Halloween, and even pondering life with secret rooms.

There was a zombie week in November. "Zombies: They're not just for Halloween anymore."

Zombie bugs are not to be trifled with, let me tell you.

This week has been a set of riffing on the idea of 2010 and what the year will hold.

The style of the strip changes a bit depending on the joke. Sometimes it's more third-person and other times, one of the bugs will set up the gag for the reader.

It's not easy keeping things interesting 5 days a week but Huber manages it well. I'm pretty sure I found it off a re-tweet from Twitter and I'm glad I did. If you like silly set ups and skewering of convention, give Bug a try. I think you'll dig it.