Panel Patter Will Return after This...

Hey All!

I should have known better than to try and update on one of the 8 busy weeks at work, so please excuse the lack of reviews this past week.

I'm offline for a few more days for a business trip, but waiting in airports gives me plenty of time to catch up on my reading. I'll be tweeting about my reading as I go, so if you're on Twitter, check out @panelpatter and see what I'm doing on my downtime.

See you all on the other side of my birthday (January 12th)!

(Your traveling reviewer trying out for the Blackhawks courtesy of MS Paint and my wife, Erica. You can check out her zine and mini-comic distro, Black Light Diner, while I'm away!)

Umm...I know they're cutting costs everywhere these days, but I hope I get a better ride to my conference!