Webcomic I Like: Spud Comics

On no particular schedule and in no particular order, I pick out a webcomic that I read and enjoy that I want to share with others.

Perhaps it's because I had mashed potatoes last night, or perhaps because I am a fan of the quick one-panel gag, but either way today we'll take a look at Spud Comics.

Written and drawn by Lonnie Easterling, Spud Comics is published 6 days a week, which if you ask me is pretty amazing. I have enough time keeping up regular postings on a review blog, let alone trying to come up with a new idea over two dozen times every month!

Each day's strip is a one-and-done, usually based around some type of visual gag. Thanksgiving's post featured a rather confused alien invader. Another day gives Popeye glasses. And the most recent strip, from December 5th, creates the most horrible foe Batman's ever had to face. (I know I was scared.)

Perhaps you'd like to see the plight of an anti-establishment panda bear? Or do you like talking socks, coconuts, and space objects? How about the usual anthropomorphic animals that tend to pepper any good one-and-done comic? They're all there waiting for you.

Despite so many different things to draw, Easterling does a good job of keeping the artwork cartoony but recognizable. You always know what's being referenced, even when it's a celebrity or famous comic character. The art matches what you might see in a print strip of this kind, and actually is better than some of the ones I've read over the years.

Spud Comics carries on the tradition of the quirky one-and-done joke strip admirably, and if you are a fan of that type of humor (and I am), then I think you'll dig Spud Comics. Check it out!