New Feature: Thinning the Herd

I'm going to try another new feature here, this time focusing on comics I am purging from my collection. As I gather more comics into our house, I see that I do not want to keep every single comic I've ever read. That's especially true for the ones I picked up for a quarter or less just to read because the characters or writer or artist interested me.

I am working hard to free myself from the need to be a completist. I can happily own the good parts of JMS's Amazing Spider-Man run without ever seeing Sins Past, The Other, or One More Day darken my bookshelf, for instance. Once upon a time, that would have killed me. Today, I am the person who can feel comfortable giving "Bruce Wayne, Fugitive" the heave-ho and still feel like I have enough Batman comics to last me a lifetime.

In nature, only the strong can survive. In my house, only those comics I like get to stay. The rest go the way of a sick wildebeest. Hence the idea of "thinning the herd."

In some cases, I figure I might get an interesting post or two out of describing just why a comic series might not make the cut. So we'll try this out and see how it goes. Feel free to mock my sometimes horrible former taste or scream at me for getting rid of your favorite set of Image inanity. Let's have some fun with this!